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Hypertrophy and body weight

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  • Hypertrophy and body weight

    What would be the point of an intermediate or advanced powerlifter training for hypertrophy if they arn't gaining weight or better yet they are losing weight? I dont personally believe recomping is possible unless you're a beginner, severely obese, or enhanced. Am I totally incorrect about that? For example is it possible for a lifter who weighs 215 pounds to run a hypertrophy block and stay 215 pounds the entire time yet decrease their body fat percentage and increase muscular size?

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    I would agree that doing entire blocks of training that don't include the competitive lifts at rep ranges and intensities that don't carry over to maximal strength development would not be great for a competitive powerlifter. That said, if the individual wants to take some time off from powerlifting, this is a decent option.

    Additionally, most well-structured strength training programs will be sufficient to increase muscle cross sectional area. Whether this increase in muscle size is only correlated with or also is the cause of the resulting increase in strength is up for debate.

    Many people can and do gain muscle without gaining weight. To your proposed question, yes, that is possible, though most people who weigh 215lbs need to lose weight for health purposes.

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