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SSB and back soreness

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  • SSB and back soreness

    I love the SSB, I think its one of the best pieces in the gym. However it makes my back incredibly sore, to the point where I sometimes have spasms intermittently throughout the day. Keep in mind I have a nagging right lat injury that acts up from time to time. I love the SSB, but I feel like it aggravates that old injury. I tried reducing the set RPE to stay within a 6-7 when Im using the SSB, but it still lights up my back like a Christmas tree. Should I just stick to HBBS and front squats if the SSB bothers my back that much? I have SSB programmed in both my hypertrophy blocks and strength blocks. Thanks

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    You can certainly substitute it out if it's intolerable, but given that you enjoy training with it I would continue experimenting with loading/intensity, overall volume, or other variations to find a more tolerable starting point with it.
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