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  • Training 1 day a week

    Hi ,if a theoretical person had just one feasible time slot of 2hours on a Sunday afternoon to train with weights and had basic equipment (barbells,rack ,bench SSB how would a program be constructed that would not lead to regression of strength work capacity etc ,the theoretical person will need to train one day per week for 8 months a year but can train 3 days a week for 4 months of the year. Is it possible to get anywhere in such circumstances no competition is involved just the pursuit of strength and health.Thanks

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    If the person was well-trained, the person would regress in strength, work capacity, etc. from not training enough in both situations. The minimum exercise guidelines recommend 2x/wk resistance training and we think that's a pretty good start. Each session would have a squat, press, hinge, and rowing variant to train all the major muscle groups through a relatively large range of motion at an intensity that's somewhat uncomfortable.
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      Looks like twice a week is the minimum requirement,thanks for the clarification