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    Hello all,

    As always, thank you for the excellent content and giving me hope as a semi-strong future clinician. I elected to go straight into Strength III as I've been training pretty seriously around 5 years (6' 26 y/0 male BW 210) - have best lifts of bench 315x5, squat 450x1 @ 8, DL of 500, and 220 press. Entering week 4 of the template and volume is really starting to ramp up. I was wondering if maintenance calories are appropriate for this template given the increased volume. I've mostly ran compressed texas method before this which has less volume overall, but as I'm sure you know the 5x5s at maximal loads were higher intensities than the prescribed loads in here. I'm wondering if this has built up my work capacity enough to handle the template basically if I'm not in a surplus - or if I just need to wait and see and adjust as needed.


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    Thanks for the post and glad to see you here. Nice lifts as well.

    To your question, I don't think your energy intake needs to change unless your body weight starts to change significantly. However, the reality of the situation is that the energy costs of resistance training are relatively low and weight changes due to small energy balance "disturbances" take a long time to manifest. I'd just hold tight dude.

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