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Beginner prescription as reset/new to RPE?

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  • Beginner prescription as reset/new to RPE?

    Hi team,

    Any concerns about de-training for an early intermediate running the Beginner Prescription before moving to the Bridge/other template for the following three reasons: 1) completely new to using RPE, 2) training the last year has been LP focused, with a recent pivot to higher rep/lower intensity programming but still pretty limited volume (ie, 3 sets for most movements), and 3) just came off an extended cut (4-5 months, dropped from 205 lbs to 185 lbs.

    I have experience with variations but mainly concerned that jumping right in to the Bridge, General Strength & Conditioning, or Low Fatigue templates might be too much volume after being a sustained calorie deficit. Also have not done any conditioning at all since late 2019, which isn't great either!

    I purchased the templates mentioned above (minus Low Fatigue), but if there are others that should be considered, I'm open to that as well.

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    No concerns about detraining at all, as I don't think your training stress is going to go down. I would not do The Bridge (free) after the Beginner Template. I also think the Beginner Template is worth purchasing rather than just running the Beginner Prescription in this case.

    I think the General S/C template would be fine after this, pending your goals.


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      Jordan, thank you very much for your response. Goals right now are to maintain strength, cut some additional body fat (medium term), and reduce fatigue overall. Squat 1RM is 335, Deadlift is 405, Bench and OHP are untested but lower than I’d like. I’m fine with those numbers for now as I’m not interested in competing, just looking to build a decent base of strength as a 35 year old father of two, and learn enough about programming to design my own training that I can adhere to in the long term.

      I will take your advice and run the full Beginner Template, then transition to General S/C. Thanks again!