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Leg strength difference, unilateral work and RPE

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  • Leg strength difference, unilateral work and RPE

    Hello, BBM!

    I just have a quick question on how you would advice setting up single leg training if there is quite a pronounced leg strength difference? I would assume there are two options:
    1. Each leg follows its own RPE, sets and weights, even if it leads to very different loads but both legs hitting RPE 8 (for example).
    2. The weaker leg controls the weights and sets for the stronger leg. This would lead to, for example, an RPE 8 on one leg and RPE 6 on the other.

    For background, for as long as I can remember my left leg has been stronger than my right leg, I think there is a slight size difference as well. It doesn't bother me, and I'm not worried about injuries due to it, doesn't affect my daily life or training. I've never quantified the difference, but it's quite obvious when doing single leg work. I'm squatting twice a week normally.

    My goals with training are (with regards to the squat), in no particular order: Increasing my 1RM squat (because it's fun, not competition), getting stronger for martial arts, getting nice quads, and being able to rep pistol squats (simply because it's cool).

    I don't feel both legs have to have exactly the same strength or exactly the same size, just wondering about what's the most practical way of programming this for the (vague) goals above.

    I looked around but couldn't find that you've addressed this before, apologies if you have.

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    It doesn't really matter, but I personally let whatever side I do first determine the load used for both sides.
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