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Increased cardio to my strength raining

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  • Increased cardio to my strength raining

    At first I want to say hello since I am new to this forum.

    And now right to my question. I find it relatively hard to find a good answer to this.

    I started to ride my Bike to work (farrier) and to my Gym... that accounts for about 37 km or ~23 miles on 4-5 Days a Week.
    I am a little concerned hat this could interfere with my strength progression maybe that is just because of the stuff one reads on the internet.

    My last Body Check showed that I lost about 9kg ~20lbs of fat which is very much asked for... bodyfat went from 30% to about 22%.
    BUT since october last year I built up 1,7kg ~3.7lbs of musclemass but I lost ~1.5lbs of that since I started using my Bike.

    Can I counter that with just more protein and water intake (since I also dropped a bit in bodywater since then)?

    Have a good day


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    It is unlikely that you lose a significant amount of actual muscle mass if you weren't on a low protein diet and/or immobilized. Changes in LBM include all mass that isn't fat, which can decrease while preserving nearly all actual muscle mass during weight loss.

    I think the best bet against losing muscle mass is going to be resistance training, eating ~1.6g/kg bw/day in protein, and more or less maintaining bodyweight. If you find yourself losing weight and don't want to, I would increase total daily energy intake.

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