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general template question/hypertrophy II

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    Yep, I would start over as planned/laid out in the template. I'd recommend just starting at week 1 and then running each week as planned.

    I think the additional volume "adaptation" is going to be a benefit, allowing you to reap all the results from the program you can. The volume ramps up pretty quickly anyway, so you're unlikely to detrain either.

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  • amymarie
    started a topic general template question/hypertrophy II

    general template question/hypertrophy II

    Hi All,
    Just finished hypertrophy II with good results. If I want to run this again, do I just start over with the decreased volume at week 1? Is it necessary to "ramp" up again? I must say the workouts toward week 10 were a bit too long for my schedule/attention, though I hate to lose the volume adaptation...I realize a deload is built into the template every several weeks, so would it be advised to deload (run week 1) then return to week 10 volumes and run until another deload becomes prudent mentally/physically? Thanks for any insight!!