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    I am currently in the last few weeks of the strength 1 template in preparation for my second powerlifting meet, which takes place may 7. I will be away on a golf outing most of next week (week before meet week), and likely can only get in two days of training. My thought was to hit comp squat and bench one day and deadlift the other while eliminating a few of the secondary variant lifts. The other option would be 3 days in a row of training (sun-tues) which seemed less ideal to me considering the intensity of the training that week. Am I on the right track here?

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    I think training the big lifts on those two days is reasonable, but I would aim to maintain more of the "other" work on those days as well.

    In other words, if you did S/B on day 1, follow that up with a lighter supplemental pull and some of the lighter accessory work that would normally go elsewhere in the week or on GPP days, and on the Deadlift day I would hit another bench slot, followed by some leg-focused or supplemental squat training.
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