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Low Fatigue Template Modification for Meet Prep

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  • Low Fatigue Template Modification for Meet Prep

    I'm finishing up my first run of the Low ISF 4 day template and I'm planning to test my maxes next week. I've had great results from this style of training which has led me to wondering how the peaking phase of the template should be modified for a meet vs testing maxes. I'd like to use this template to prep for a meet in the future and want to make sure I plan appropriately. My initial thought is that the peaking phase would be the same as prescribed in the template except for the last (test) week where I'd work up to openers on the first 2 days similarly to how the peaking template is programmed. Does this sound like a reasonable peaking strategy, or would you recommend I do something differently. Also, thanks so much for releasing this template, it has been a game changer for me

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    Yes, that would be reasonable. There's a discussion of how-to do this for a competition within the text as well. Happy to hear you're having good results!

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