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  • Pb1 adjustment advice

    I need to make adjustments to day 1 squats on pb1 due to tendinopathy in inner thighs.

    Phase 1 I plan to increase reps to 12 going from planned 280 × 5 @ 8 to 185 × 12 and then back off sets.

    What adjustment would be appropriate for phase 2 with singles?

    Based on articles I've read here ice, nsaid's, or collagen aren't reliable solutions (without a modification to load) but I'd be willing to incorporate them if appropriate.

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    Thanks for the post and bummer to hear about the discomfort. I think it's important to point out that attaching a label to the discomfort, tendinopathy in this case, probably isn't helpful. It doesn't change what we do to manage it, but it does assign meaning and expectations (perhaps negative ones) to the situation.

    In any event, I don't know that an increase to 12 reps will be sufficient. I'd plan on doing 3-0-3 tempo squats with full ROM (if no pain) to 12 reps @ RPE 7 (so likely lighter than 185) to start. Then, every 3rd week reduce the rep range by 2 reps. Once you get to 6's, go back to normal tempo. That may work, but hard to manage all possible scenarios with limited info and follow-up. A consult may be helpful if you're unable to get a handle on this in the next few weeks.

    I would also agree that NSAIDs, ice, and/or collagen would be unlikely to help.

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      I see how attaching a label can be detrimental. I have a long history of tendinopathy in other areas which is why I came to that conclusion.

      The 185 I chose was lower than rpe 8 for me this week. I tried to control the movement throughout and had a slight pause but I will transition to 3-0-3. I am always able to squat pain free with full rom on day 1. The discomfort comes after and usually goes away by Saturday and I'm pain free for the next squat session.

      I will follow the plan you suggested and if the issue continues I will definitely seek a consult.