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PB1 -> PL2 -- Conditioning Question

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  • PB1 -> PL2 -- Conditioning Question

    I'm wrapping up PB1 and am going to run PL2 next. The conditioning is a big dropoff and I was wondering if keeping the 2 days LISS/2 days HIIT throughout the entirety of the template would be advisable?

    I don't have a meet on the horizon, so I'm OK if there's some decrease in potential gainzzzz, provided it's not too big? Although this will also be the first time I've done 4 days of lifting, so... maybe there will be too much fatigue overall? Just wanted to see what the advice would be -- stick to the program as-is or keep the current conditioning.

    Thanks! Huge fan of everything you guys do.

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    That's fine if you want to keep the conditioning the same. I don't have any issue with that at all. Thanks for the kind words as well.

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