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Question about the 7 week endurance (GPP) program

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  • Question about the 7 week endurance (GPP) program


    I am looking at the 7 week endurance (GPP) program to do something else for 7 weeks. The 1 week trial in the app, show Run/Row as the options for days 2,4, and 6. I find running and rowing in higher volumes hurt my hip (FAI - had surgery about 3 years ago) but bike riding makes everything happy. I would like to use a bike instead. What multiplier for distances do you recommend for biking vs running/rowing?


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    I would recommend our endurance I template over the older 7-week endurance template. I think there's some utility in doing a bit of running or rowing to increase your tolerance of those movements, perhaps in a 1:3 ratio or so to start. As far as modifying the distances goes, I'd just try and keep the time domains pretty similar. In other words, if it's run 30 min, I'd cycle for that distance. If it's run 5k, I'd estimate the time taken to run 5k and cycle that. It's not perfect, but it keeps the intention of the program.
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      Understood. Thanks.