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Low Fatigue templates questions

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  • Low Fatigue templates questions

    1. I ran Low ISF 4-day 2 times(till week 12). Progress seemed to stop and there was always this feeling that I didn't train enough for the day(previously ran PL II 4~ times). That I feel like untrained.

    So I'm planning to move on to Med ISF 3-Day. Is this still ok after running Low ISF 4-day 2 times?

    I'd like higher reps and simplicity of Med ISF.

    2. I see there are multiple sets of bench singles in the Med ISF 3-Day template(Thought it was a typo at first).

    Since I don't compete, can I change single reps to multiple reps? If so, how much reps and sets would be fine?

    3. How important are 4th accessory workouts? Are they actually to drive main lifts or for diversity of movement and muscles?

    4. Med ISF seems to have much higher intensity than Low ISF as its title says. Can I consider them completely different templates?

    Thanks always!

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    1) Yes
    2) I wouldn't recommend changing the template. Improving maximal strength and skills pertinent to that expression are important.
    3) Pretty important. I'd do them
    4) You can if that's helpful.

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