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Negative effects of training everyday?

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  • Negative effects of training everyday?

    Hi guys,

    Love your content!
    Apologies if this question was answered already. I searched the forum and the BBM subreddit but couldn't find an exact answer to this q.

    In a couple of months, I'll be moving to a new city for a pretty intense job for the next 2 years. From speaking to prior employees, they said that the working hours were between 6am-9/10pm Mon-Fri with an additional 5-8 hours of work on Saturday + Sunday. As a result, I'll only have 30-45 mins max to train on weekdays, but should be able to do full sessions on weekends.

    Since my training time will be quite limited, I'll probably have to train everyday to get all the work in. Will this seriously hamper my gainzzz or will I still be able to make a decent amount of progression by training everyday? Should I reduce my GPP to once per week to allow for more recovery?

    Eg of potential training week (day 1 is Saturday):

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    1ct Bench Pendlay Rows DL Incline Bench
    Arms (GPP)
    Sq Full GPP
    Leg Press Abs (GPP) DB Press
    HITT (GPP)

    Thanks guys!

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    I don't see any major issues with this!
    IG / YT


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      Brilliant. Thanks, Austin!