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    Hey Jordan,

    I'm in week 7 of hypertrophy II, just finished up a cut and am maintaining BW throughout the rest of the program. I've made a lot of good progress, have been following since the app dropped and I'm loving training right now. Feeling a good groove going with my adherence and my enjoyment of the process, plus there's been lots of good visual and performance improvements, really enjoying it man.

    I wanted to lay out my goals here for my next program and get your take on it before I dropped money on anything, just to make sure I get exactly what I want. I'd like to work on some maximal strength performance for my next program in the squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press, training 4 days per week. So I'd like something that has some exposure to heavy singles for all 4 lifts and would leave me well off to hit some 1rm tests on those at the end of it. I'd also like to eat a small calorie surplus during the next program, so something with a decent amount of hypertrophy stimulus would be great as well.

    I like the look of General S&C but would really like to keep training 4 days. I know PBII has some OHP work in addition to the SBD work, but wasn't sure if PBIII carries on in that same vein or if it's more SBD specific. Also have no idea what the LF templates look like so I'm not sure if those would be suitable for the goals I've laid out here. Let me know what you think, and thanks for the great programming


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    Hey Dylan,

    You can take a look at the first week of our templates for free on the App and see what you like. I'd either do PB II or Powerlifting II (though definitely not as much pressing work there). I wouldn't jump into PB III just yet from where you're at. Soon though!

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      Cool, thanks Jordan! PBII sounds like it’s more in line with what I want but I’ll take a look at the first week of both of those when it comes time to switch over

      Thanks a lot