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  • RPE question

    I’m currently doing PB1.
    I’ve a question in relation to rpe.
    Say your previous week RPE 8 is 180kg.
    And this week while working up to around that weight again you figure during the warm up that you will be around an rpe 8 again for 180kg. So after your last warm up you put 180kg on the bar and do the prescribed reps but it actually feels like an rpe7.
    so then you add ≈5% and are on 190kg to make the rpe 8. You do the set.
    So let’s say your asked to do back off sets with <5% of your rpe8.
    would the 180kg rpe 7 count as one of the sets as you have already done it? Or do you do your back offs after your work set even if you already done one set during warm up.
    I hope I explained this correct

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    Yep, I would count that as on of your work sets (or back off sets in this case).
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      Thanks for clarifying.