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Deadlift Upper Back Rounding Technique

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  • Deadlift Upper Back Rounding Technique

    Hello BBM,

    I have run the Beginner Template and Hypertrophy I 2 times with a peak in the second run. I have made great progress in less than a year after introducing BBMs training principles and RPE.

    Squat: 95kg e1rm —> 140kg for 1@9 (Three plate club let’s go!)
    Bench 69kg e1rm —> 85kg for [email protected]
    Deadlift 109 e1rm —> 160
    BW 74kg to 86 kg
    Age 17

    I have started to notice that my technique is all over the place for deadlifts. When I set my lower back that is a good amount of lordosis and it keeps unlocking when I pull. I understand that back rounding is normal on a deadlift (especially near max) but i don’t feel great when all my rounding is coming from the lower back and my upper and mid back is set. I realize that a lot of elite pullers tend to get most of their rounding from the upper back (which can even be safer compared to all lumbar rounding) but I’m not sure as to how I replicate this in my training. I have tried to set up with a rounded back but it just seems so unfamiliar after pulling with a straight back for two years and the bar speed tends to go down a bit. Should I just pull without worrying what my back does or should I look into learning a new technique? Any input would be hugely appreciated! Thanks again to the BBM for creating such great programs, wouldn’t be where I am now without em!

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    I think it is likely your form will be more efficient without a bunch of rounding, though I can't really see it from here. I'd get a form check and then see what you can do over your next training block.
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