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Safe bench press

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  • Safe bench press


    In my current Gym, I dont have a power hack to put the safety pin when I am benching, I just have a the standard bench. Also I dont have a spotter, I am deciding which one to choose between, bench press on standard bench press with a weight that I can put at least 2 more reps(RPE 8) or use a smith machine with safety pins. Thoughts? At the time I am using RPE 8, but I am exploring alternatives

    Here where I live(Brazil) it is almost impossible find a gym with a power hack, even the crossfits gym dont have it...I am continuing to search of a gym with a power hack, but meanwhile I want to continuing to bench. I am at phase one of SSNLP

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    Sorry scampos, I don't think I understand your question.

    I would not recommend performing the bench press in a smith machine.
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      Don't bench press without either a spotter or safeties, it is really dangerous. If you are going to a gym just ask someone to spot you man!
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        Don't use clips on the bar sleeves. At the very worst, you can dump your weights off the ends of the bar.


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          Scampos, if your choices are 1) Bench on a "normal" bench with no rack and therefor no safety pins or 2) use a smith machine because its "safer" (provided you are healthy and not using a smith machine due to some limiting injury) you should always, ALWAYS, use the bench.

          Ask a gym bro for a spot, most guys are totally cool with helping out.

          Or, don't use bar clamps and learn how to properly ditch weight (not ideal but would allow you to train). Hope this helps.


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            Originally posted by Apeman
            Ask a gym bro for a spot, most guys are totally cool with helping out.
            Just make sure they know to keep their hands the hell off the bar until it's needed. Inexperienced spotters can get bar-grabby.