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Low ISF 4 - Day, DL days

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  • Low ISF 4 - Day, DL days


    In my gym I can get away with using chalk only on weekends, so I wanna have my main dl day on day 4 (Sunday) instead of on day 2.
    (Ah and I can't have my day 1 start on Friday/ Saturday because I don't have as much time on those days as in Wednesday)

    So my questions are:

    1. Would it be better to then switch days 2 and 4 or to just switch dl exercises ( put main dl on day 4 and supplemental dl on day 2) ?

    2. Week 16 is a max out week and last main dl training would then be much closer to maxes if it is on day 4, will it matter/ be too big of a fatigue or it won't because the total training volume in the week is still the same, if yes could you recommend some workaround around that ?

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    Yep, you can move DL's around like that. I don't think the proximity on weeks 15 and 16 are likely to matter.

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