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Lower fatigue tweaks to General S&C template

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  • Lower fatigue tweaks to General S&C template

    Hi Docs,

    I’m generally very precise in my RPE estimates, able to make jumps in weight on the bar between sets that still give an e1RM to +/-1kg, notwithstanding the occasional build up of intra set fatigue.

    However, I’m still finding a lot of fatigue building up over a few weeks which is impacting both training and daily activities. My sleep isn’t excellent and have had sleep disorders in the past, but I wake up most days without an alarm clock and mood is positive and stable, so I don’t think it’s as simple as sleeping more.

    The elephant in the room is that I never do sets at RPE10 so may in fact be underestimating my RPE. Before trying anything more radical, I’m thinking of simply adjusting my workouts such that what I think is an RPE8 when prescribed now be performed to my perceived RPE6/7. I expect this over several weeks is going to recalibrate my perception of exertion, with lower fatigue and maintained progress as the indicator for success of the approach.

    I can’t see any glaring issue with the suggestion. What are your thoughts?

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    Yes, this is a reasonable first approach.
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