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Beginner Template: Overshot and Now Overfatigued, What Do?

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  • Beginner Template: Overshot and Now Overfatigued, What Do?

    I'm on week 2 of Phase III of the Beginner Template (which, I'm loving). I definitely overshot some RPEs during my last week of Phase II and Week 1 of Phase III (and my recovery wasn't the best because of a mental health flare-up). I'm more sore than expected, a bit more tired than normal, have slight tweaks in a couple of places, and am cramping in my calves and quads.

    My plan is to go back to week 1 of Phase III, run it once with all of the RPEs lowered by 1, and then re-run Phase III from the beginning as written (while erring on the side of undershooting since I have the tendency to overshoot and being more mindful of recovery).

    Good plan, or are there other things I should be doing?

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    I would move onto week 2 of Phase III and be conservative in weight selection. You don't need to overhaul the program or do anything special to make up for this. Shit happens, but we are pretty adaptable and resilient.
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      Awesome! Thanks!