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12 week strength question

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  • 12 week strength question


    I'm about to start the 12 week strength template and wanted to clarify the stated percentage guidelines.

    As an example from cells C16 and D16 of the "12 Week Strength" tab, the template says that for my comp squat in week 2 I should do:
    A. 1 rep @ RPE 8, being at 90-93% of my 1RM
    B. 5 reps x 5 sets at 70-74% of my 1RM.

    Referencing the "RPE Overview" tab, I conclude that:
    A. my 5x5 would be at below an RPE 6.5 (RPE 6.5 for 5 reps would be at 77.4%);
    B. I shouldn't log my 5x5, as only sets greater than RPE 7 should be logged; and
    C. my 5x5 would be at what is described as a warm up weight.

    However, my above conclusions as to RPE are inconsistent with the narrative at cell A4 of the "12 Week Strength" tab which states that "Week 2, Day 1 would be Competition Squat for 1 rep @ RPE 8, followed by 5 repetitions @ RPE 8 for 5 sets".

    I feel like I have fundamentally misread or misunderstood either the RPE tables or the percentage guidelines. Can you clarify?


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    Hi moneytc,

    The A4 cell in that particular sheet (referring to 5 @ 8 x 5 sets) is an error that we'll have to fix. Your former interpretation is correct, that you will perform a single, then 5 sets of 5 at the lighter weight, and log these anyway.

    Thanks for catching that!
    IG / YT