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Squat Depth Need Help on reaching it

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  • Squat Depth Need Help on reaching it

    Hi My Name Is Dante I'm Doing Strength 3 so Far I've Noticed Very Good Gains on this Program Particularly with my Deadlift and Bench. however. My Squat Did Go Up but not in the Way that is Acceptable. You see i have a Lot or Problems When Reaching Depth I can Only Lift Heavy When It's a Half Squat and I find it hard if not Somewhat Scary to reach Competition Level Depth since I am So Unbalanced in the hole in my Training so far it's been Quite Depressing to say the least what in my mind Feels like a 415lb "Squat" would get red lighted in a Competition which is not what I want I cannot do belt Squats which are in the Program because I do not have the equipment for it in my Gym Sadly. I've watch many Videos From BBM and Untamed Strength on YouTube which Are helpful But I feel like fish out of Water when actually Performing and Trying to keep the Qs in my mind it all just Seems so Demoralizing dropping the weight by 50lbs and still not reaching depth anything helps

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    I think you'd benefit most from a form check and interacting with one of our coaches:
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      Dr. F Thank you Kindly i didnt even know you guys had this, highly considered Thank You