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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for reassurance I'm on the right track with my training and goals.

    26 y/o Male 5'10" 185lbs 37" waist measuring from ASIS (size 32 pants)

    - Increase strength
    - Improve body composition
    - Long term: develop and maintain healthy lifestyle

    Training history
    - SSNLP October thru December 2021
    - Bridge 1.0 January thru April (ran the program 1.5 times)
    - Currently in third week of PL 1

    - Squat 261
    - Bench 180
    - Deadlift 278

    I'm self conscious that these numbers should be higher. Am I delusional?

    Eating more to improve gainz, and feel a bit like the character in "To Be A Beast": squirly about my abdominal fat. Should I be?

    My gut tells me to keep my nose down and continue my strength journey. Any of you been in my shoes who care to comment?

    Overall, I'm proud of the progress I've made and am excited to see what lies ahead.


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    Thanks for the post. I think your numbers are totally fine for the first ~6 months of training. I can understand wanting to get stronger as fast as possible, but I do think that developing more physical attributes over this time, e.g. conditioning, hypertrophy, proficiency in many different movements, etc. will ultimately lead to higher numbers and a longer lifting career. I also would not recommend weight gain with a 37" waist. In fact, I'd recommend reducing waist circumference to ~32-33". I think PL I is fine, though I'd have recommended the Beginner Template to shore up some gaps.

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      Thanks for the constructive feedback. I'll continue taking conditioning and GPP seriously to reduce waist circumference. Appreciate the rec. on the beginner template. Might consider a lateral shift, or run it after completing current program.

      Have a great day

      PS. Looks like we're both St. Louis natives. Go Cardinals