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  • Full body vs split

    Is there an advantage to training full body over an upper/lower split? I traditionally have done 3 full body sessions a week (LP,TM,HLM) but lately have had more success splitting it up and doing squats and pulls together 2x/week and doing a bench/press session separate for another 2x/week. I find it's easier from a psychological standpoint knowing I only have to do two movements that day instead of three.

    But I notice all your templated are full body, so am I doing myself wrong by adding an extra day and splitting it up ?

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    Like most of the answers to programming questions- it depends. Here's a brief pro/con list:

    Full Body
    More training frequency given same number of days training per week
    Hit more muscle groups more often
    More sport specific for barbell sports

    May take more time
    May induce more training stress (which can also be good)
    Less able to focus on one lift at a time, possibly

    Can focus on one lift at a time
    Less training stress potentially (can also be bad)
    Usually shorter sessions

    Volume and frequency are limited
    Less frequent training of muscle groups compromises hypertrophy
    Less specific for barbell sports

    If the volume/fq/average intensity is the same over the week, but you're just splitting a day up into squats and pulls- that's probably fine, though I'd be curious what you mean by "more success". More weight on the bar during a training session isn't always better.

    If, for instance, you normally do pulls after squats then you'd always be doing pulls in a fatigued state, which may result in more stress than doing pulls fresh- even if they're heavier.
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