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When should I get a lifting belt + lifting gear recommendations?

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  • When should I get a lifting belt + lifting gear recommendations?

    Hi BBM,

    I'm currently about to start the powerbuilding I template when I finish the beginner template (I'm currently on week 12.4 and starting to get stuck on the same weight with the bench, so I assume i'll move be moving onto powerbuilding I when my I stop progressing with my squat / deadlift).

    I've seen some of the other threads on the forums about recommended lifting gear, though due to never using a belt before I wanted to ask a couple of questions as to when I should start incorporating a lifting belt into my training and what type of belt I should get:

    1) I still don't feel 100% confident about my technique (specifically when it comes to proper bracing), and therefore was wondering whether I should be using a belt before I know how to properly brace my core (If there any resources you guys could recommend about how to practice proper bracing I would appreciate it!). Just to add - I've had all the main lifts reviewed with the form check service and wasn't specifically told on any lift that I have a problem with bracing, though I feel when I lift that I sometimes lose tightness / don't brace properly during heavy lifts (especially when it comes to deadlifts).

    2) When I do get a belt, does it matter whether it is a 10mm or a 13mm belt considering i've never used a belt before? I weigh 73 kg @ ~14.5% bf, and my height is 180 cm. If the thickness of the belt doesn't matter, would the SBD 13mm belt for example be a good option, or should I go for a cheaper option at first considering this is my first belt (If so, I would be happy to get recommendations)?

    Addional questions about other lifting gear:

    3) Any good lifting straps recommendations?

    4) Just for general knowledge - when should a lifter use wrist wraps, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves etc? As for wrist wraps specifically, I partially tore my SL ligament in my wristaround a year ago (I only tore the membranous) and I still feel pain sometimes when benching with heavy weights. Would it be a good idea to start using wrist wraps in that case?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hey Ben,

    I would get a belt now if you're interested in strength training. If anything, I think it helps people feel what a proper "brace" should be...though I think a lot of people place too much importance on bracing. I'd get a 13mm thick belt, 4" wide, single prong or lever belt. SBD makes great products and so does Pioneer. I believe Alan has a discount code for Pioneer.

    For straps, I love the Iron Mind sew easy straps. You may prefer the long ones like Austin or the short ones like me.

    There are no hard and fast rules for using lifting gear with respect to experience, weight being lifted, type of programming, etc. Rather, if the lifting gear helps you train more consistently, with less pain, etc. then I think it's a good idea. I've never used elbow sleeves in my 15+ year career, but I know many people do. I think knee sleeves, wrist wraps, straps, and a belt are the typical accoutrements for a lifter.

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      Hey Jordan,

      Thank you for the response!

      I will go ahead and get a belt, and i'm currently leaning towards the SBD belt because of their gliding lever.

      The only thing is that i'm struggling to decide which size belt I should get. My current waist measurement (above the navel with my core braced and the tape wrapped tight around my core, as is advised in the SBD website) is ~78-80 cm depending on the time of day. Though, I'm currently in the middle of a bulk and intend of reaching ~85 kg eventually. Given i'm trying to bulk up, would a medium size belt (which is for a waist measurement of 72.5-90) provide enough wiggle room?


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        I thin the medium should work fine for you up to 85kg or so, yes.
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