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How Do I Access My Web-Purchased Templates on the BBM App?

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  • How Do I Access My Web-Purchased Templates on the BBM App?

    I've bought three templates over the years from the BBM website, and tried to set the app up today. How do I put those templates on the app? Does it automatically load them if I use the same email to make the account as my profile on the main site?

    Truthfully I wanted to use a different email so notifications from the app would go to the place I'd be most likely to see them. Sorry if this is obvious and I'm just blind or if it's been addressed somewhere before. I couldn't find any answers on my own.

    (For context, those programs are Beginner Prescription Full Version, and Powerbuilding I & II)

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    Hi Renard,
    This is pretty easily dealt with via an email to [email protected].

    If you are using the same email in the app as you used for your purchases, they will load. You do need to allow sufficient to for all of the templates to load however.

    If you have a new email that you are using, then you need to shoot us an email at the address above, with your template receipts and we will get ti all sorted out.



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      Thanks, Leah!