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Condensing Hypertrophy I from 5-days to a 4-day Program

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  • Condensing Hypertrophy I from 5-days to a 4-day Program

    Hello, I just bought the Hypertrophy I program and am looking forward to starting it next week after a deload. I would like to know if I can set it up to a 4-day program instead as it fits my schedule a bit better. I'm new to the GPP concept so I'd like to know how that fits in there.

    High Bar Squat
    Seated Barbell Overhead Press
    Lat pulldowns (this can be substituted in as a "Supplemental Pull in place of RDLS"?)
    Leg extensions
    Arms GPP

    Larson Press (had a pec injury in Novemeber so wanting to use lighter loads)
    Leg Press
    Low incline DB bench press
    Cable flys
    Upper Back GPP
    Abs GPP

    Good Mornings
    Close-Grip Bench
    High Incline DB press
    DB lateral raises

    Upper Back GPP
    Arms GPP
    Abs GPP

    Steadt-state cardio on off-days.

    Is this a valid way to set it up? The Hamstring and Lat volume seems a bit low, no? Is there room to add leg curls and back extensions? More vertical pulls? Haven't done any conventional heavy deadlifts in awhile due to the pec injury I didn't want to pull heavy loads. I've been doing Good mornings, back extensions and leg curls in the meantime. Somehow even doing Ab Roller the other day brought back a bit of nagging pain. Seems to have recovered well, though.

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    I think it's fine to mix and match GPP stuff as needed to get it all in.

    I don't think the hamstring, lat, or vertical pull volume needs adjustment. You might find that trap bar DL is accessible for you vs. good mornings.
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      Thanks Jordan, I will follow as close as I can to how the program is laid out. I like trap bar deadlifts a lot, only issue is the one at my gym is one of the smaller ones that can't fit too many plates on either end.