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Problems deciding which template to buy

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  • Problems deciding which template to buy

    Hi Jordan,

    for about 8 Weeks (I ran the free Bridge Template and I am in Week 8 now) I try do decide which template I am going to buy.

    Before the Bridge I ran the 13 Weeks free Programm by Alan Thrall and before that I had some Bro Plan from the Internet.

    I have some experience from some years ago and am now really into lifting since Oktober last year.

    I dont know if my 1 RMs tell anything but here they are (tried them on the same day after Alans programm was through):

    Deadlift 180kg
    Squat 150kg
    Bench 115kg

    I feel like espacially my Squat is stagnating right now

    So I am thinking about Strength I or PB I and thought about Strengthlifting but I now I would miss Bench too much.

    But since I have Barbell XP of more then 12 Month I thought maybe the Powerbuilding II or Powerlifting II would be better?!

    I am 34 and I am probably never going to compete in any strength competition ever (which seems very rare in germany anyway), so I figured it would be better to run a Powerbuilding Programm to look like a bear and be stronger than anyone in my public gym

    Thanks for handling with my newbie questions

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    Hey Joshua,

    I think PB or Strength I would be where I'd go here depending on if you want to do some more bodybuilding stuff at the end of your sessions (PB I) or keep it mostly barbell-based (Strength I).

    You can try week 1 of any of our templates on our app as well.

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