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Another LISS/HIIT Programming Question

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  • Another LISS/HIIT Programming Question

    I may be making this too complex but I have a question about the implementation of LISS along with appropriate amounts of HIIT into training. So, LISS is going to improve GPP along with contributing to additional fat burning and HIIT will improve VO2max and overall cardiovascular health and increase longevity. In trying to find the “optimal” dosage of LISS/HIIT, I reviewed the JACC article (link below) but it seems a little contradictory in how much/how often. It is certainly over the public health recommendations. In your handouts, you talk about 500-1000 MET-minutes/week. Is this just a cumulative amount or should there be a certain amount of it over the 8 MET range? Should we do a certain amount of LISS and then add on 10 minutes of HIIT at the end? Just a little confused.

    Thanks for any clarification!

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    Hi there,

    The 500 to 1000 MET-minutes/week is the suggested volume of weekly conditioning activity, which can come from any combination of moderate or vigorous cardiorespiratory exercise. It doesn't really seem to matter where you get it from (moderate or vigorous or both) from a health perspective.

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      Awesome. Thanks for the clarification!