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  • Upper body plugin question


    I had a few questions about the plugin for SS for upper body lifts from last newsletter.

    So for workout A:
    Bench x 1 @ +5% from last 5 x 3 sets on LP, then take 15% off the bar for 5 reps x 5 sets
    Press 1 @ +5% from last 5 x 3 sets, then take 15% off the bar for 4 reps x 6 sets

    1) So lets say 80 kg for the last 5x3. Then we get 1 rep at 84, and 5x5 at 71.4. The next time workout A comes around, what weight should the single be? Adding 5% to 71.4 doesn't seem logical. Or am I complicating things and it's just 84+1.25/2.5?
    2) What is the reasoning behind the singles? Not questioning, just wondering out of curiosity.
    3) There should always be 2 reps in the tank, that means that if I feel like I couldn't have done any more (or just one), I should repeat the weight the next time?
    4) Why is leaving 2 in the tank better than pushing as hard as I can? As a novice you're supposed to recover before the next workout anyway right? (Again just curiosity)


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    1) From the first workout you do after "installing the plug-in" in your program, you'd try to add weight each time you repeat a workout so just add 1-2kg to each lift.

    2) The singles help get you better at expressing your strength and I think there's some carry over to sets in the 2-6 rep range. Additionally, probably a mental benefit for some lifters if they regularly get to handle heavier weights.

    3) That might be your initial plan on a subsequent session unless you find out that you're performing significantly better than predicted.

    4) Because the relative intensity you're exposing yourself too for volume is more productive with respect to strength and size improvements for the given stress that you're accepting. Higher average intensity with the same volume produces more stress, but not necessarily a bigger improvement in strength or size. The data is overwhelmingly clear that the weight on the bar doesn't matter for hypertrophy provided it's above 60% of 1RM or you're willing to do enough volume. For strength, most work between 70-80% for volume is best for strength development. Doing a heavier set is harder, sure, but doesn't produce better outcomes.
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