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Pendlay vs. Barbell Row?

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  • Pendlay vs. Barbell Row?

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I just had a quick question, what is the difference, if any between the Pendlay Row and the Barbell Row?

    Looking at the SS Barbell Row youtube video ( and comparing it to the BBM Pendlay Row video ( they appear to be very similar if not the same.


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    They are the same movement.


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      Rip recommends supinated hand grip (to avoid bicep tendinitis) and Pendlay row is done with a pronated grip. That's the only difference I see.


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        Hand position seems different - supinated v. pronated. I would have thought your version is better than the SS version.

        Reynolds uses the same hand position as BBM


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          In the videos they are the same, but Pendlay Rows and Barbell Rows are a little bit diferent. In Pendlay Rows you don't have eccentric. In Barbell Rows you have.


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            Ok, thanks for all the input everyone


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              Rip and Nim's demonstration gives me the impression they pull the bar off the floor like DL, just explosively, probably with rounded upper back, then let the check meet the bar. The weight on the bar has little to nothing to do how hard your back can contract but how much weight you can pull off the floor explosively. Just like on that video's comment section, someone said something like 'how to avoid using your back on barbell row'

              I believe Andy and even Reynolds' suggestion is to grab the bar with a 'soft' upper back, and flex your upper back as hard as possible, pull all slack off the bar, even make the bar left the floor when using lighter weight. My upper back was on fire when do sets of 10s with this method.

              Even in barbell logic podcast Reynolds said we should watch Rip's video, but I just cannot see the resemblance of this two method.