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    Hello Austin/Jordan,

    I've decided to add weight chin-ups as a main lift for whatever reason.

    I have some idea on how this would be programmed based on your templates, but I have no idea what to use as a supplemental movement.

    Any recommendations/preferences on what to do as a second movement? Planning on doing chins 2x/week.

    For reference I recently did 3x8 (@ 7.5, 8, 8.5 maybe?). [email protected] is +20kg (144lbs bodyweight).

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    May I ask how long you've been training and what your other lifts are at? I'm not sure this is a great idea without a pretty extensive training base, in general. I also don't know if you need to (or should) do a supplemental movement specific for this at all, but if I was tasked with thinking of supplemental movements that would likely transfer to maximal chin-up strength here's what I'd come up with:
    • Chest to bar chin-ups
    • paused chin-ups
    • Wide grip chins
    • Mixed grip chins
    • neutral grip chins
    • pull-ups
    • L- sit chin ups
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      Thanks for the recommendations on chin variants.

      A bit of background info.

      Age: 37
      Weight: 144lbs
      Training age: ~1.5 years
      e1RM (lbs):
      DL 322 (PR)
      Bench 180 (PR), 170 (current)
      Squat 197 (PR - don't care about the squat)

      Long story short, I tweaked my lower back about 3 months ago and I now have what I believe to be sciatica (or something similar) due to my incessant misapplication of your content on pain science (despite the fact that I have read your article on Pain in Training numerous times).

      I can't tolerate 2 lower back movements in a day. Even just tempo bodyweight/air squats and tempo air RDLs seem to aggravate things when done on the same day. Thus I am subbing out a squat movement and DL movement for chins so I feel like I'm still training hard whilst being pain free (and so I'll have something else to look forward to other than benching).

      I'll move the other lower back/rehab stuff to the GPP days and conservatively go from there.

      Training will look something like this (numbers indicate priority of lift):

      Day 1
      Squat 1 (empty bar)
      Bench 2
      Chins 2

      Day 2
      Bench 1
      Squat 2 (empty bar)
      Bench 4

      Day 3
      Chins 1
      Bench 3
      DL 1 (empty bar)


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        I probably would do 1 day a week weighted and 1 higher rep, BW if doing something like this. It may also be worth your while to get a consult for some specific guidance to get you on track here if self-managing efforts haven't gone as well as you'd like.
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          Got it. Thanks for the help!