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The Press Setup

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  • The Press Setup

    Age: 28
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 215
    Press: 3x5 185
    Bench: 3x5 285
    Dead: 1x5 400
    Squat: 3x5 395

    My question involves "setting" the upper back for the OHP. A lot is made about contracting the glutes, and thighs as well as a strong Valsalva to get maximal juice out of the hip drive, however, much less is mentioned with relation to scapular angle/trap and lat engagement (until the lockout shrug)...sometimes I unrack the weight on an OHP and am strong through my trunk-shoulders-arms-hands, leading to a solid press, however, other times I unrack the weight and do not perform or feel as strong (almost like the weight is in my elbows and wrists)...

    Is there a cue or step prior to unracking the weight that properly "sets" the upper back/lats similar to pinching the scapula for a bench set-up?

    Thanks for any and all input, including "just re-read SS ya bum"

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    I tend to tell folks to push their chest up, pull the bar down to their upper chest, and take a big breath- all very similar to bench cues- and then press. I don't cue scapular retraction, however.
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      Awesome, thanks so much for the timely reply, get to implement for tomorrow's lifts! I want a bodyweight OHP so bad I can taste it...errr...ya know what I mean.