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Two questions regarding the Post Novice Pressing Fix from the latest newsletter

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  • Two questions regarding the Post Novice Pressing Fix from the latest newsletter

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently on my novice LP and at some point I switched over to 5x5 on th upper body lifts to drive progress a little further. Now I want to plug in the post novice pressing advice from your most recent newsletter.
    Coming from 5x5 for press and bench, would you recommend different percentages than for someone who switches from 3x5?

    For example, the bench press recommendation for the main bench day goes as follows:
    "Bench x 1 @ +5% from last 5 x 3 sets on LP, then take 15% off the bar for 5 reps x 5 sets"
    Should I simply plug in 15% of my previous 5x5 weight or should I handle a little more? I strongly suspect that doing the same 5x5 with 15% less weight wouldn't even get me close to the recommended RPE 8.

    Second question:
    Do I still warm up as in SSLP when I open with a heavy single?

    Thank you for all the great content you've been putting out.

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    It depends how qualitatively hard your last 5x5 was. A practical suggestion would be to use a weight that is ~ RPE 7-8 for the first session for your 5x5 and do the single at 5% more than your last non-plugin 5x5. So, if you did 200 x 5 x 5 and you felt like the last two sets were grindy, maybe you're gonna do 190 on our 5x5 and the single would be at 210. You can adjust your volume sets (the 5x5) as needed(

    I'm not sure what you mean on your second question, but I'd warm up like this using the example above:

    bar x 5 x 2
    95 x 5 x 1
    135 x 5 x 1
    175 x 5 x 1
    195 x 1
    210 x 1
    190 x 5 x 5
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