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    Hello My name is Dante recently I have been Doing strength 3 Template and have gained phenomenal Results the past 6 months. I recently have been hired as a Fire Fighter Crewman for the Forest Service. I love my Job And we have a great Gym With everything I need and always open. Howeever I very soon realized that my Strength has been Diminishing Significantly I cant Bench as strong I can Squat or Deadlift as strong as o have been doing I work very long Hours And Get sent to deal with Wildfires Sometimes For weeks at a Time and the times im at the Gym It seems like I've taken 3 steps back . Pt is Fairly Grueling at Work 3-6 ,mile runs 2 mile Steep Hikes and alot of Body weight exercises. However I love powerlifting Very Very Much And hope To compete in a Natural Meet one Day however it feels that All of my Progress is slowly leaving my body and its got me feeling Quite Distraught if there is anything you can do to help me THAT DOESNT INVOLVE ME BUYING ANOTHER SERVICE. I would very much appreciate it

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    Hi Dante,

    Thanks for the post. It sounds like training has been tough due to the breaks in training and work-related PT. I'm not familiar with the Forest Service's PT and so, I'm not sure the BW exercises are going something you'll be doing indefinitely. I do suspect the runs and hikes are part of the job description and, this may require some time resources for both training and adaptation- particularly since it seems like this is relatively new or different to what you've been doing before.

    From a coaching perspective, I don't think strength III is the right resistance training program for you at this point. I would do the lifting and conditioning components from our free beginner prescription. I'd also advise being conservative with loading and rating RPE to start. Adding weight week to week is not always possible in the best of circumstances and so, I wouldn't really be pushing that as much as I'd be wanting to:
    1. Get back into regular resistance training
    2. Do the scheduled conditioning
    3. Generate a new baseline for "average strength" each week given the new job
    4. Bring up the "floor" for your baseline strength
    That's what I'd do in this situation, my friend. Hope this helps.

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      Jordan thank you for the reply it kinda sucks to see Half a years worth of Excellent progress to get Chipped away Because of Being Wildland Fire Fighter with obligations to be honest its quite depressing but I will try this program as you said thanks for the Feedback-Dante