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Youth training: how much weight *can* be added weekly?

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  • Youth training: how much weight *can* be added weekly?

    I have recently started training a 14 year old male who plays hockey at least 3 times a week. I put him on a 3 day per week beginner strength program using mostly barbell movements and rep ranges recommended by the long term athletic development model for youth.

    I understand everyone will respond differently, but about how much weight can be expected to be added each week? Should say 5 lbs be added to just the top set @RPE 8 or each working set increased by 5lbs from the previous week? The program is set to progressively overload but I am wondering what % volume increase is acceptable week to week before the increase would be considered a spike in acute to chronic workload?

    He is going on week 3 and has said he hasn’t really been sore or felt fatigued at hockey practice. I am trying to keep his fatigue low but am worried about not giving him enough stimulus. I have him doing [email protected] 6, [email protected], [email protected] x 2 sets for most exercises (rep ranges change slightly but all within 6-10 reps for compound multi-joint movements).

    Appreciate your response,


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    I don't think it's wise to set expectations for an absolute, linear amount of load increase per week.

    Given that you mention the concept of progressive overload, I'd recommend listening to podcast episode # 129.
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