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Training after Covid

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  • Training after Covid

    I am currently doing the general strength and conditioning template and have been making great progress up to day 1 of week 7. At that point, I tested positive for Covid and had to shut it down for the rest of the week pending another negative test. Once I hopefully make a return with a negative test, how should I go about the program. Would I redo week 7 as if nothing had happened with the same weights? Or would I need to take a week where I do it with reduced weight before going back to a normal week with the weights originally planned for?. Thanks.

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    In general, I recommend folks repeat the week they left off on, in cases where they miss a few weeks or are ill, the nearest deload/low stress week. I would expect your weights to change week-to-week regardless, but they should likely be pretty close (higher or lower).

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      got it thank you so much