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    I like to listen to a lot of people on training. I stick to the BBM templates but listen to other ideas. I was watching Matt Wenning on his "warmups". Essentially it is pick 2 things you are probably weak on and do 4X25 on each and a light version on the main lift for 4X25. I have only tried this a couple of times but he argues it helps keep you from overshoot RPE on your main lift and strengthen weak areas. So I have tried a RPE 6 or less of say the prescribed arm work at 20 reps, then lat pull as prescribed at 3X20, then a dumbell bench or press movement for 4X20. Then go into the upper body day. So essentially I did my accessories or maybe 3rd movement first. I haven't tried it on lower body because I am not sure about starting with something like Romanian deadlifts before DL or belt squat before squat but I might try. Sample is too small but I did feel like I judged my RPE better when I had more "warmup" although I consider it part of the work out. It also helps not skip the below the 4 day line stuff since I do it first and feel like I have to do my prescribed stuff for the day.

    Just wondering what are your thoughts on this. Is it beneficial or possibly not optimal for the prescribed lifts in say PB2 or PB3 which I have been running. If the RPE is low enough it didn't seem to affect me but I could see if you overshoot RPE in the "warmup" it could really affect the main lifts for the day.

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    I don't think this in likely to help RPE calibration given that 1 is a different movement and 1 is for a much different rep scheme than you're programmed. Neither is likely to help you more precisely or accurately select a load. A better option would be to add weight slowly during warm-ups to zero in on the appropriate load while practicing the movement and generating adaptations specific to that movement.

    I also don't think it's useful for building maximal low velocity strength, high velocity strength, hypertrophy, or any other adaptation relevant to expressing strength.
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      Thanks. I was kind of thinking the same thing. I didn't really see a huge benefit to it and it wasn't really increasing volume since I was just using the prescribed stuff I would have done anyway just in a different order. The only benefit it seems I wasn't at the end of the workout and tempted to put off back work, ab work, or triceps to my cardio day. When I may not do them.