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Need help building power off the floor on deadlifts

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  • Need help building power off the floor on deadlifts

    I am unbelievably weak off the floor with deadlifts and just failed my 315 deadlift barely an inch off the floor. What do? Are there any suggestions for alternate exercise selection regarding this issue when running the Powerlifting 2 template next time around? I have considered implementing halted deadlifts somewhere, but I am unsure of what deadlift variation should be replaced. Should I replace block pulls since my issue is off the floor, or should I do something else entirely?

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    When people report these kinds of issues I typically first recommend a form check to see whether there are any significant issues with the setup / starting position that would be disadvantageous off the floor. If you'd like you can check in with our FB group, or a one-time form check service with one of our coaches is another option.

    If the setup looks good, then the only other answer is simply getting stronger, because -- aside from unique situations like allowing a lot of back rounding that makes it difficult to lock out -- getting the bar off the floor is always going to be the hardest part. As your overall strength increases, this threshold will increase as well. So, at that point it comes down to the same kinds of programming we recommend to improve the deadlift in general. There are no specific variations that I would expect to have a unique benefit over others in this situation, assuming that they all include the range of motion you're aiming to train.

    Does this make sense?
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