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    Hello Team,

    I have 2 training questions. First, I wonder what is meant by Hip Extensions in the low fatigue template? It says to do 3 sets of 6-10 reps per side. When I google hip extensions I get a handful of different exercises.

    Second- I've been running the low fatigue 3-day template. I work out in my garage. My partner has taken an interest in doing the bench exercises with me. She is sort of on the "bro" program- she is really only interested in building her upper body. I am hoping this will be the gateway to full body training but in the meantime, strengthening her upper body is better than nothing I would assume? She can lift Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays because of her work schedule. I know the ideal would be something like Mon, Wed, Fri but given she will only lift on Sat, Sun and Mon, do you think lifting all 3 days is better than lifting just Saturday and Monday and having a rest period between the 2 days? Her goals are to build size and strength in her pecs, arms and back.


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    Hip extensions are sometimes also called "back extensions", but I call them hip extensions since I'm not really looking for a lot of lumbar, thoracic, and cervical flexion and extension. We had a bunch of unilateral stuff that people can plug-in there, which is why it says "per side."

    For the second question, yes, some RT is better than no RT and Sat/Sun/Mon is fine- preferred even- compared to not lifting. I'd probably do something like:

    Main horizontal Press
    Supplemental Row
    Triceps Accessory

    Main Row
    Supplemental Press
    Biceps Accessory

    Main Vertical Press
    Supplemental Row
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