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  • GS&C GPP Frequency Question

    Hi BBM,

    For Week 1 GPP in the General Strength and Conditioning Template, it says to do SSC 2x/wk and HIIT 1x/wk. Do you all recommend doing HIIT before or after the 30min of SSC? Do you see benefit in doing them on separate days so that training frequency in increased to 6-7x/wk?

    Thank you, Jordan, for answering my previous question about which program is better prep for the Oly Lifting Template. I'm excited to be starting GS&C after the Bridge V1.0. I'm mega impressed by the accompanying spread sheets for logging training and analysis. Assuming the programming is effective, the template is worth the money.

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    I would do them on separate days from the RT, if possible. Alternatively, you could do a single session after RT. I wouldn't do 2 LISS and 1 HIIT session all in one day. Thanks for the kind words as well and let me know how it goes!
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