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    did a quick search and couldn't find any answers.

    - are the isolation exercises at the end of the working days able to be added to the GPP days due to time constraints?

    - with the back off sets, the 5% reduction in weight is not sustainable for all the back off sets. same with the prescribed 12 reps after the AMRAP set. please advise.

    - with the GPP work for arms, are we supposed to just bang out the set or use a more controlled and slower tempo? my form is good when im moving the weight at a more explosive pace - there's no body english or heaving for the GPP iso exercises.


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    You could do some of the isolation exercises on GPP days instead, though I'd prefer them to be done on the lifting days on short rest if possible.

    If you cannot do the back off sets as prescribed due to them being too heavy, I'd take more weight off the bar.

    I don't think I'd do any isolation exercises at an "explosive pace" for hypertrophy if given the choice.

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