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  • Dealing with Time Constraints

    Hi - I am running the Beginner Template, currently on week 4.2. I’ve trained previously for a couple of years but fell off due to life’s demands and the template has been great for ramping back up.

    Due to a very demanding schedule and little personal time I’m only able to dedicate 1-1.5 hrs max to my sessions. It hasn’t been an issue in the first block but as I’m looking at the next block I see that it ramps up to 3 sets at 7,8,9 RPE followed by multiple backoff sets. Given I’m already at about 1-1.25 hours per session I’m concerned I’m going to encounter time issues staying compliant to the program. I’m already minimizing warm up sets for efficiency and shorter rest periods, any advice on how to manage my training in the template to ongoing time constraints?

    For context my primary goal is not to get as strong as possible right now. I’m focused on fat loss and body recomposition for general health. I started a month ago at 230 and have lost 10 lbs while being hypocaloric and focusing on high protein with lower (not no) carbs. Waist is 43” and my goal is currently to get to 200 lbs and < 40” waist.

    Advice I've received has been to run lower weights that allow for quick sets and minimal rest and perhaps warming up next exercise in my rest periods. Are there better templates to follow for my goals or perhaps additional adjustments I should consider?


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    Thanks for the post and I hope training is going well. I do think you'll be able to get through the next block without modifications in < 1.5 hours. The warm-up sets of @ 7 and @ 8 are designed to help you target the @ 9 and can either be done on very short rest along with the back off sets after the @ 9. If the weight has to be lighter due to reduced rest periods, that's okay. For reference, this programming:
    4 reps @ RPE 7 (~81%)
    4 reps @ RPE 8 (84%)
    4 reps @ RPE 9 (86%)
    -10% from 4 @ 9 x 3 sets of 4 reps
    is done as a single set of 4 at RPE 7, RPE 8 and then finally @ RPE 9. From there, take 10% off the bar and do 3 sets of 4 (these should be RPE 7 for back off sets)
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