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The Bridge 2 Days a Week

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  • The Bridge 2 Days a Week


    First of all thank you for putting out so much good information and resources.

    I'm still going through my SSLP wich I do two times instead of three times a week by just rotating between day A & B, due to time restrictions. I'm not finished with that yet, but I'm already looking into the next step.

    Training two days a week is going quite well for me as my job only allows for two strength training sessions and maybe a short GPP session. After my LP ends I would like to follow up with The Bridge in similar fashion, so would you recommend putting the three days in to two days eg. squat, bench, rack pulls and rows on day 1 and deadlift, press, close grip bench and paused squats on day 2 with al the same reps and sets? Or you'd rather have me look into one of your other templates?

    Some more info and stats if needed: male, 34 years old, 211 pounds. Lifts are at: squat 248, press 101, bench 143 and deadlift 259 pounds.


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    You are certainly welcome to try it and see how it goes, but we would probably not do something like this.
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      Alright, I'll try it out as soon as my LP is finished. Thanks!

      Do you in general not recommend training twice a week? Or could you see it work with some one on one coaching and a custom training template?


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        For people who have no choice due to work/life circumstances, well ... you don't have a choice. You're just going to have to pack a lot of work into those 2 sessions for long-term progress.

        For anyone who has a choice, we prefer 3- or 4-day per week training.
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          Thanks for the answers!