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Future Half Marathon Training and My Strength Training

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  • Future Half Marathon Training and My Strength Training

    Hi Jordan/Austin,

    I am looking to prep for second half marathon in May 2023. I am running this for pure challenge and enjoyment. My question is how should I pivot my strength training as a start to ramp up my training for this event. I am currently running the LISF 4 day template along with 3 days of conditioning (rowing/running/and peloton classes). I have run the GS&C before when I was playing Rugby, but I am already assuming the large increase of running volume over time will make it harder to train with weights 3 solid days a week. Would running the S&C template with week one being day 1 and 2 and week 2 being day 3 and day 1 again be a reasonable way to do this?

    Any and all info is appreciated.

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    I'd probably lift twice a week with 3 to 4 exercises each. General S/C or the High ISF 3-day variant of the LFT might be good. If you want to do days 1 and 2 one week and then days 3 and 1 the next week, then days 2 and 3 the week following, that seems reasonable.
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