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Follow up question from the progressive overload podcast

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  • Follow up question from the progressive overload podcast

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the all the free info. Had a question about training to failure from the recent podcast.

    You mentioned that there is evidence to suggest that above 70%1RM or so, the body does not differentiate between reps, So taking all your sets to failure is not necessary even for hypertrophy.

    But then I keep seeing these posts about how only the last 5 reps before failure really count. Chris Beardsley posts this often, along with a few self proclaimed biomechanists on IG. So if you did an set @ RPE6, you only really did 1 effective rep. Is this complete BS? I don't know what to believe anymore

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    I don't think the evidence on hypertrophy or strength is supportive of the effective rep theory outside of maybe beginners with respect to isolation exercises. Of note, I said that if you're between 4 to 5 RIR or less, you're good for most situations.
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