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Normal Arches and Overpronation in the Squat

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  • Normal Arches and Overpronation in the Squat

    On the final week of the Bridge 1.0, I recorded my second attempt at an RPE 8 single for Back Squat as I live in constant paranoia of not hitting depth. Upon review of my video, I noticed that my ankles dramatically cave in even before I get halfway down, despite my feet feeling like they are in contact with the ground throughout the entire movement.

    I don't have flat feet, neither do I experience pain as a result of squatting beyond soreness. I have noticed my right ankle caves in much more severely than my left, which I attribute to twisting the living daylight out of it maybe five years ago.

    I switched to my weightlifting shoes today to see if there was any difference, but my recording still showed similar ankle cave. My feet are placed around shoulder width apart, with my toes pointing out slightly, but when I come back up out of the hole, my toes will be pointing out more.

    I want to ignore this due to not feeling pain, but I also don't want to be trying for a PR and this being a limiting factor; or worse yet, a cause for injury.

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    I'm not sure how much of an issue this is, as this is tough to answer via text in a forum.

    If you'd like more specific advice on this, options could include posting a video to our FB group, or pursuing a form check consultation with one of our coaches.
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      Thanks for the quick response, I'll go ahead and get a form check when I record the next time I squat.