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  • Back pain update!

    So I have had some back pain lately bothering me a lot when I deadlift and row. I got rid of it by doing 1 thing and 1 thing only. Guess what? That is by ditching the straps. I never trained without straps, that way I was overloading. My max without straps would be 365 and with straps it would be 455. The bad thing about straps is not the grip component but it is rather the set up. My set up is way better now that I threw my straps away. When I went to strap the bar, I had to take multiple breaths and therefore ruin the breath I took at the top. Now without straps, the Valvalsa Manuever I perform, is way better because I take the breath at the top and then just grip and lift and it is way easier this way. So happy I went strap-free. I am also doing dumbbell seal rows instead of rows so I can take the lower back away and give it some rest. When doing back extensions, back feels great. Squatting and deadlifting pain free and also being pain free out of the gym is a great feeling. If you cannot grip it then don’t lift it. Thank you so much because I didn’t freak the hell out!